Call form

Petition for an on-campus Day of Action, March 6th 2017
Call for a Day of Action on March 6 aimed at the examination of the present situation and its alternatives

We the undersigned believe:

The nation and humanity are stronger when knowledge, equality and justice thrive.  In the past year, we have witnessed a cultural and political shift away from respect, compassion and fact-based public debate. We have also seen the negative and divisive effects of the language of force, threats and discrimination directed at other countries, at women, at minority communities, and at individuals based on their ethnicities, nationalities, religions, genders, identities, and disabilities.

We are concerned that these practices could become policies, leading to great uncertainties about our future. As members of the Princeton University community, we feel that it is no longer possible to remain uninvolved. We seek to begin a conversation with our fellow students, faculty, and staff about how we shall face the critical challenges of our time, including to the nation and the world.

In his recent message to our community, Princeton President Eisgruber told us that “as we go forward in a troubled times, it is essential that we work together to sustain and promote a culture of open discussion where all voices are heard and respected, and where we can pursue the teaching and research urgently needed to make this world a better place.”

It is in this spirit that we propose to take up the challenge of creating a campus-wide opportunity for discussion and reflection on the current situation and what actions we can take as scholars, students, teachers and members of our community.

Several specific concerns motivate us. Our world’s future is continuously threatened by nuclear weapons placed on hair-trigger alert and ready to be launched anytime within a few minutes. Our world’s climate is rapidly changing due to ever growing greenhouse gas emissions, threatening our ecological system. Our world’s most vulnerable populations face systematic persecution, deportation or worse, and our educational system fails to provide equal opportunity for all.

We therefore ask our colleagues to pause their regular activities at Princeton on March 6 and join us for a day of action, devoted to the examination of the present situation and its alternatives. On that day, we propose to engage in organized, intensive discussion and planning for future actions along the following lines:

1. To affirm the essential dignity and value of every human life, and express our determined opposition to policies that threaten human well-being, including the threat or use of nuclear weapons, the undoing of climate agreements and environmental protections, and the oppression, discrimination and exclusion of people on the basis of nationality, race, gender and identities.
2.  To initiate a critical and continuing examination of proposed governmental policies, and to foster research and teaching designed to contribute to the public’s and government’s understanding of potential ways to address pressing environmental, social, economic and international peace and security problems.
3. To find ways for students and faculty to use their understanding and expertise to help citizen groups and governments at all levels develop policies that deal constructively with these problems.

If you share our concerns and support our demands, please sign this letter and join us on March 6. We will contact all signatories and invite them to take part in the organization of this campus-wide discussion.


---- Faculty and Staff ----
Zia Mian, WWS Program on Science and Global Security
M. V. Ramana, WWS Program on Science and Global Security
Robert J. Goldston, Professor, Astrophysical Sciences
Miguel A. Centeno, Professor, Department of Sociology
Anne McClintock, Professor, Gender and Sexuality Studies, PEI
Max Weiss, Professor, History and Near Eastern Studies
Daborah A. Kaple, Research Scholar and Lecturer, Department of Sociology
Mala Murthy, Associate Professor, Neuroscience
Alexander Glaser, Associate Professor, WWS and MAE
Andrew Leifer, Assistant Professor, Physics and PNI
Sam Wang, Professor, Neuroscience and Molecular Biology
Jonathan Pillow, Associate Professor, Neuroscience and Psychology
Eduardo Cadava, Professor, Department of English
Frank von Hippel, Senior Research Physicist and Professor emeritus, WWS
Rob Nixon, Professor, PEI, English
Michael Oppenheimer, Professor of Geosciences and International Affairs
Naomi Murakawa, Associate Professor, Department of African American Studies
Simone Marchesi, Associate Professor, Department of French and Italian
John Borneman, Professor of Anthropology
Isabelle Clark-Deces, Professor, Anthropology
Joseph Amon, Visiting Lecturer of Public and International Affairs, WWS
Dara Strolovitch, Associate Professor, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Deborah Yashar, Professor, Politics and Woodrow Wilson School
Robert Freidin, Professor emeritus, Program in Linguistics
Lauren Emberson, Assistant Professor, Psychology
Beatrice Kitzinger, Assistant Professor, Art & Archaeology
Robert Socolow, Professor Emeritus, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Su Friedrich, Professor, Visual Arts Program
Qiana Hunt, Staff, Research Specialist, Department of Astrophysical Sciences
Elliott Lieb, Professor of Mathematics and Higgins Professor of Physics
Marcus Hultmark, Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Lindy McBride, Assistant Professor, EEB and PNI
Nancy Burnett, Staff, Program Manager SGS, Woodrow Wilson School Program on Science and Global Securityy
Patrick Monari, Staff, Research specialist, PNI
Bruno Carvalho, Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese
Rena Lederman, Professor of Anthropology, Anthropology Department
Erin Lowe, Staff, Research Technician, LSI
Brigid Doherty, Associate Professor of German and Art & Archaeology, German and Art & Archaeology
Hal Foster, Professor, Art & Archaeology
Andrew Cole, Professor of English; Director, Gauss Seminars in Criticism, English
Adam Elga, Professor, Philosophy
Shaun Marmon, Associate Professor, Religion
Bruce Blair, Research Scholar, Program on Science and Global Security
Rachel Price, Associate Professor, SPO, Spanish and Portuguese
Sarah Morejoh, Staff, Lab Assistant, Neuroscience
Bridgett vonHoldt, Assistant Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Alexandra Boldin, Staff, Psychology
Andrew Bazarko, Staff, Senior Professional Specialist, Physics
Shannon Swilley Greco, Staff, PPPL science education program leader, PPPL
Jeff Snyder, Associate Research Scholar of Electronic Music, Department of Music
Jeff Dolven, Professor, English Department
Kyle Willie, Staff, Research Assistant, Neuroscience
Nicole Legnani, Assistant Professor of Colonial Latin American Studies, Spanish and Portuguese
Michael Mulshine, Staff, Research Specialist in Electronic Music, Music Department
Maysoun Husseini, Staff, Project Administration, PNI
Christy Wampole, Assistant Professor of French, Department of French and Italian
Arturo Dominguez, Staff, Science Education Physicist, PPPL / Science Education Department
Marion Young, Staff, Administrative Director, Lewis Center for the Arts
Effie Rentzou, Associate Professor, Department of French and Italian
Choueiri Edgar, Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Adam Sliwinski, Edward T. Cone Performer-in-Residence, Music
Stephen Pacala, Professor, EEB
Alfred Bendixen, Lecturer in English and Executive Director of the American Literature Association, English
Soha Aslam, Staff, Engineer, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Judith Swan, Staff, Associate Director, Writing in Science and Engineering, Writing Program
Michael Hecht, Professor of Chemistry & Head of Forbes, Chemistry
Sabine Kastner, Professor, Psychology and Neuroscience
Alexander Ploss, Assistant Professor, Molecular Biology
Laura Gallagher-Katz, Staff, Executive Assistant/HR Assistant, Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics
Erika Gajda, Staff, Research associate, Genomics/EEB
Alexis Kriete, Staff, Research Specialist, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Mary McLaughlin, Staff, Research Specialist, EEB
Heidi Robbins, Staff, Research Assistant, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Lolly O'Brien, Staff, Undergraduate/Graduate Administrator in EEB, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Josette Hutcheson, Staff, Research Specialist, EEB
Jovanna Teran, Staff, Tech Coordinator, PNI
Florevel Fusin-Wischusen, Staff, Institute Manager, Princeton Institute for Computational Science & Engineering
Mindy Lipman, Staff, Business Manager, Astrophysical Sciences
Andrea L Graham, Associate Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Jane Holmquist, Staff, Interim Head, Lewis Science Library, University Library
Daniel I. Rubenstein, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Jenny Greene, Professor, Astrophysics
Kathy Hackett, Staff, Executive Director, PEI, Princeton Environmental Institute
Andrew Zwicker, Staff, Head of Communications and Public Outreach, Plasma Physics
Olga Corrias Hancock, Staff, Sr. Assoc. Director, Employer And Alumni Engagement & Outreach, Career Services
Sorat Tungkasiri, Staff, Associate Director, McGraw Center
Mary Albert, Staff, Associate Director, User Experience Office, Office of Information Technology
William Guthe, Staff, Senior Geographic Information Systems Visualization Analyst, Research Computing, OIT
Audrey Mainzer, Staff, Program Manager, Applied & Computational Mathematics, Manager
Serge Goldstein, Staff, Associate CIO, OIT
Michael Strauss, Professor, Astrophysics
Gina Holland, Staff, Faculty Assistant, PACM
Jessica Hoppe Dağcı, Staff, Coordinator, Marquand Library Operations and Special Collections, Marquand Library of Art & Archaeology
Jayne Bialkowski, Staff, Program Manager, PIIRS, South Asian Studies
Bryce Hurst, Staff, Research Specialist, Center for Research on Child Wellbeing
Rebecca Aguas, Staff, Program Manager, Program in Latin American Studies and the Program in Latino Studies
Damaris Zayas, Staff, Program Coordinator, Latin American Studies/Lation Studies
Ruth Boatman, Staff, Assistant
Satomi Chudasama, Staff, Associate Director, Career Services
Jeanne Altmann, Professor Emerita, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Eneida Toner, Staff, Program Coordinator, Program in Latin American Studies
Lisa Festa, Staff, Graphic Designer/Digital Media Strategist, Career Services
Jonathan Pletcher, Staff, Director, Medical Services, UHS
Niki Learn, Staff, Research Specialist, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Carolyn Mazzei, Staff, Research Specialist, Psychology
Klaus Osorio, Staff, Animal Technician, Neurosciencie
Alicja Tadych, Staff, Scientific Software Engineer, Lewer-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics
Lisa Nicolaison, Staff, Program Coordinator, Office of Sustainability
Gina Talt, Staff, Campus as Lab Fellow, Office of Sustainability
Hantao Ji, Professor, Astrophysical Sciences
Jill Moraca, Staff, Senior Manager, Web Development Services, Office of Information Technology
Amy Campbell, Staff, University Services
Diana Tamir, Assistant Professor, Psychology
Caroline Savage, Staff, Campus as Lab Manager, Office of Sustainability
Lance Parsons, Staff, Scientific Programmer, Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics
Diane Carlino, Staff, Department Manager, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Christiane Fellbaum, Lecturer/Senior Research Scientist, Computer Science
Joshua Shaevitz, Associate Professor, Physics and LSI
Bernard Chazelle, Professor, Computer Science
D. Graham Burnett, Professor of History / History of Science, Department of History
Damian Sian, Staff, Senior Web Accessibility Advisor, Office of Information Technology
Eddie Glaude, William S. Tod Professor of Religion and African American Studies, African American Studies and Religion
Aatish Bhatia, Associate Director, Engineering Education, Council on Science & Technology
Chiara Nappi, Professor of Physics, Emerita, Physics
Sharon de la cruz, Staff, Assistant director -Studio lab initiatives, Council on Science and Technology
Geralyn McDermott, Staff, Administrative Assistant, Program on Science and Global Security, Woodrow Wilson School
Ruha Benjamin, Assistant Professor, African American Studies
Gwen McNamara, Staff, Communications Coordinator, Pace Center for Civic Engagement
Cecily Swanson, Staff, Director of Studies, Mathey College, ODOC
Jean Durbin, Staff, Contracts Manager, Procurement Services, Finance & Treasury
Krista Saufler, Staff, Research Technician, Laboratory Animal Resources
Daniel Martinez-Vellon, Staff, Animal Caretaker II, LAR
Helmut Hofer, Professor, School of Mathematics/ Institute for Advanced Study
Kristina Corvin, Staff, Assistant to Professor, EEB
Daniel Marlow, Evans Crawford 1911 Professor of Physics, Physics
Robert Sheneman, Staff, Head, Environmental Services, Plasma Physics
Geneva Stein, Staff, Assistant Director, McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning
Dominic Voge, Staff, Associate Director, McGraw Center for Teaching & Learning
Yusra Syed, Staff, Assistant to the Princeton Muslim Life Program, Office of Religious Life
Anne Catena, Dir of Prof. Learning Initiatives, Program in Teacher Preparation
Kathleen Nolan, Staff, Lecturer, Program in Teacher Preparation
Torey T. Wilson, Staff, Director, Prison Teaching Initiative, Program in Teacher Preparation
Simon Levin, Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Serge Picard, Staff, Associate Professional Specialist, LSI
Ross Pringle, Staff, Research Operations Admin, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Judith Hamera, Professor, Dance Program, Lewis Center for the Arts
Katherine Sullivan, Staff, Director Undergrad Labs, EEB
Carole Frantzen, Staff, Program Manager, Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies
Katherine Sullivan, Staff, Director Undergrad Labs, EEB
Amanda Peery, Staff, Assistant Editor, History, Princeton University Press
Georgette Chalker, Staff, Comm. Mgr./Web Developer, Geosciences
Holly Welles, Staff, Program Manager of the Carbon Mitigation Initiative, Princeton Environmental Institute
Simon Morrison, Professor, Music
Barbara White, Professor, Music
Sonya Satinsky, Staff, Director, Health Promotion and Prevention Services, UHS
Eric Altman, Staff, Computing Manager, Sociology
Mary Furey, Staff, Docent, PUAM
Maria Claros, Staff, Food Service
Elaine Jacoby, Staff, Docent, PUAM
Nancy Stout, Staff, Associate Director for Institutional Advancement, Princeton University Art Museum
Stephen J. McCloskey, Staff, Food Service Worker, Campus Dining
Tanesha Barnwell, Staff, Nurse Manager, UHS
Christina Riehl, Assistant Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Deedee Ortiz-Arias, Staff, Science education program manager, Science Education
Yael Niv, Associate Professor, Psychology and Princeton Neuroscience Institute
Gabriel Vecchi, Professor, Geosciences and PEI
Alberto Bruzos Moro, Senior Lecturer, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Stefan Eich, Perkins-Cotsen Postdoctoral Fellow at the Society of Fellows & Lecturer in the Department of Politics, Society of Fellows & Department of Politics
Bridget Alsdorf, Associate Professor, Department of Art & Archaeology
Evan Schneider, Staff, Program Coordinator, Pace Center for Civic Engagement
Patrick Moran, Lecturer, Writing Program
Bradin Cormack, Professor, English
Joshua Kotin, Assistant Professor, Department of English
Jessie Rack, Lecturer, Writing Program
Robert O. Keohane, Professor of Public and International Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs
Sina Toossi, Staff, Research Specialist, Program on Science and Global Security
Tim Waldron, Staff, Program Manager, PIIRS
Tera Hunter, Professor, History and African American Studies
Juliana Dweck, Staff, Mellon Curator of Academic Engagement, Princeton University Art Museum
Patricia Fernandez-Kelly, Professor of Sociology, Sociology
Margaret Frye, Assistant Professor, Sociology
Lara Harb, Assistant Professor, Near Eastern Studies
Rachael Ferguson, Lecturer, Sociology
Annie Mingle, Staff, Technical Support, OIT
Natalie Shivers, Staff, Associate University Architect, Office of the University Architect
Janet Currie, Chair, Economics
Dan Trueman, Professor of Music, Music Department
Michael D. Gordin, Rosengarten Professor of Modern and Contemporary History, History
Sheryl Robas, Staff, Department of Geosciences, Graduate/Undergraduate Administrator, Geosciences
Susan Brison, Visiting Professor for Distinguished Teaching, UCHV, UCHV
Mary C. Stoddard, Assistant Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Regina Kunzel, Professor, History and GSS
Tsering Wangyal Shawa, Staff, Geographic Information Systems and Map Librarian, Princeton University Library
Alisha Holland, Assistant Professor, Politics
Javier Guerrero, Assistant Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
Tsering Shawa, Staff, Geographic Information Systems and Map Librarian, Lewis Science Library
Michael Bino, Staff, Manager of Information Technology, Operations Research and Financial Engineering
Jesse Saunders, Staff, Technical Support Specialist, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Sandee Steinberg, Staff, Lead Developer/Analyst, OIT, Administrative Information Services/Office of Information Technology
Naomi Ehrich Leonard, Professor, MAE
April Peters, Staff, Department Manager, African American Studies
Christina Lipsky, Staff, Academic Programs Administrator, School of Architecture
Barbara Nagel, Assistant Professor, German
Sarah Mullins, Staff, Administrative Assistant, Chemistry
Diana Fuss, Professor, English
Pedro Meira Monteiro, Chair, Spanish and Portuguese, Spanish and Portuguese
Joe Fonseca, Staff, Academic Assistant, Programs in Theater and Music Theater
Nathan Stenberg, Staff, Musician, ORL, Chapel/ORL
Fernanda Sofio, Staff, Research Associate, Portuguese and Spanish
Alexandra Geiger, Staff, Prop Master, Department of Theater and Dance, Theatre and Dance
William Jones, Associate Professor, '98, Physics
Hope VanCleaf, Staff, Communications Assistant, Lewis Center for the Arts
Celeste Nelson, Professor, Chemical & Biological Engineering
Robert Austin, Professor of Physics, Physics
Mary Bechler, Staff, Senior Associate Dean for Finance and Administration, Graduate School, Graduate School
Kosuke Imai, Professor, Politics
Darwin Scott, Staff, Music Librarian, Library
Jennifer Block, Staff, Digital Assets Specialist, Library
Adele Goldberg, Professor, PSY
Susan Sugarman, Professor, Psychology
Marlon Davila, Staff, Special Collections Assistant V, Library-Technical Services., Video Library Firestone
Barbara Leavey, Staff, Program Manager, Council of the Humanities
Beate Witzler, Staff, Ass. Dir., Fung Program, PIIRS
Robin Dunham, Staff, Asst. to Assoc. Univ. Librarian for Research & Instr. Services, Princeton University Library
Sophie Morel, Professor, Mathematics
David Gabai, Chair, Hughes-Rogers Professor, Mathematics
Luis Goncalves, Lecturer, Spanish and Portuguese
G. John Ikenberry, Professor, Politics/WWS
Daniel Heyman, Senior Lecturer in Visual Arts, Visual Arts, Lewis Center for the Arts
Erica Sebastian, Staff, Associate Director of Study Abroad, Office of International Programs
Georgette Chalker, Staff, Comm. Mgr/Web Dev, Geosciences
Tullis Onstott, Professor, Geosciences
Gabriela Nouzeilles, Professor, PLAS
Kathleen Crown, Staff, Executive Director, Council of the Humanities
Morgan Styer, Staff, Welding Engineer, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Susan Bindig, Staff, Associate Director, Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies
Dawn Disette, Staff, Faculty Assistant, Politics
Spyros Papapetros, Associate Professor, School of Architecture
Katherine Bussard, Staff, Curator, Art Museum
Quoc Nguyen, Staff, Web Developer, Facilities
Bruce Blair, Research Scholar, Program on Science and Global Security, WWS
Shefalika Gandhi, Staff, Counselor, University Health Services
Janet Ferguson, Staff, Office Support, Development
Jack Axcelson, Staff, Ditrector of Studies, Wilson College
Matthew Vallon, Staff, Ph.D. Scientist, Chemistry
Fabiola Monica Alba Vivar, Staff, Senior Research Specialist, Industrial Relations Section, Economics
Pallavi Nuka, Staff, Associate Director, Innovations for Successful Societies, Woodrow Wilson School
Marta Tienda, Professor, Sociology & WWS
Pascale Poussart, Staff, Director of Undergraduate Research, ODOC
Rita Alpaugh, Staff, Faculty Assistant, Woodrow Wilson School
Kate Fukawa-Connelly, Staff, Director of Health Professions Advising, Health Professions Advising, ODOC
Sophie Meunier, Research Scholar in Public and International Affairs, WWS
Colleen Burlingham, Staff, Documents Processing Supervisor & Head, Microforms Service, Princeton University Library
R. N. Sandberg, Lecturer, Program in Theater, Lewis Center for the Arts and Department of English
Wendy Belcher, Professor, COM & AAS
Arcadio Díaz-Quiiñones, Professor of Spanish, Emeritus, Spanish and Portuguese
Michael Wood, Professor Emeritus, Comparative Literature
Ben Baer, Associate Professor, Comparative Literature
Lital Levy, Associate Professor, Comparative Literature
Fernando Acosta-Rodriguez, Staff, Librarian for Latin American, Iberian and Latino Studies, Library
Thomas Hare, William Sauter LaPorte '28 Professor in Regional Studies, Comparative Literature
Kira O'Brien, Staff, Program Coordinator, Pace Center for Civic Engagement
Elliott Lieb, Professor, Math and Physics
Tracy K. Smith, Roger S. Berlind '52 Professor in the Humanities, Creative Writing Program
Isabelle Clark-Deces, Professor, Anthropology
Beth Lew-Williams, Assistant Professor, History
Carolyn Yerkes, Assistant Professor, Art & Archaeology
Sarah Milburn, Staff, Grants Manager, Molecular Biology
Pamela Patton, Staff, Director, Index of Christian Art, Art & Archaeology
Brian Monsen, Staff, Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, Business Operations, Athletics
Michael Olin, Staff, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Students, ODUS
Shawn Jaeger, Lecturer, 2016-18 Princeton Arts Fellow, Lewis Center for the Arts
Deirdre Moloney, Staff, Director of Fellowship Advising, OIP
Mariana Bono, Lecturer, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

---- Students and Postdocs ----
Sebastien Philippe, GS5, MAE
Thomas Ferreira de Lima, GS3, ELE
Julien de Troullioud de Lanversin, GS3, MAE
Benjamin Reimold, GS2, MAE
Alex Piet, GS4, Neuroscience
Vivian Chang, GS2, WWS
Malte Göttsche, Postdoc, MAE
Ingrid Ockert, GS5, History of Science
Alişya A. Anlaş, GS3, CBE
Mike Hepler, GS4, MAE
Brian Kraus, GS3, Plasma Physics
Jeff Lestz, GS4, Plasma Physics
Jacob Schwartz, GS5, Plasma Physics
Yann Koby, GS3, Economics
Yonatan Kahn, postdoc, Physics
Yibin Zhang, GS4, MAE
A. Stevie Bergman, GS3, Physics
Renato Pagliara, GS3, MAE
Tamara Patton, GS2, WWS
Justin Ripley, GS3, Physics
Ryan Ly, GS6, Neuroscience
Bruce Perry, GS3, MAE
Liz Davison, GS3, MA
Christopher “Petey” Peters, GS5, MAE
Hessameddin Akhlaghpour, GS6, Neuroscience
Jose Zamalloa, GS5, Quantitative and Computational Biology
Mark A. Miller, GS4, MAE
Fabian Trottner, GS3, Economics
Y. Elia Altabet, GS5, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Olga Lositsky, GS6, Neuroscience
Victor Charpentier, GS3, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Alta Fang, GS5, MAE
Charles Swanson, GS5, Plasma Physics
Christine Blumauer, GS1, WWS
Katherine Elgin, GS2, Woodrow Wilson School
Korhan Kocak, GS3, Politics
Giuliana Pardelli, GS4, Politics
Joseph Tylka, GS5, MAE
Patrick Vail, GS5, MAE
Raheem Barnett, '18, Physics
Songtian Zhang, GS3, Physics
A. Cody Nunno, GS4, MAE
Katherine King, GS3, Art & Archaeology
Margaret Kurkoski, GS2, Art & Archaeology
Murat Bozluolcay, GS1, Near Eastern Studies
Carson Clay, '19, WWS
Mai Nguyen, GS3, Psychology
Ted Goldstein, '20, Econ
Taylor Branch, '19, Politics
Julie Chen, '17, Philosophy
Lacey-Ann Wisdom, '17, History
Isaac Treves, '18, Neuroscience
Toni Xu, '20
Jonathan Shi, GS4, Visiting Student, Computer Science
Vidushi Sharma, '17, Philosophy
Julia Perlmutter, '17, Psychology
Alexandria Herr, '17, EEB
David Sroczynski, GS3, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Victoria Lee, GS3, CBE
Vajdon Sohaili, GS1, Architecture
William Stewart, GS2, German
Wilglory Tanjong, '18, African American Studies
Aparna Raghu, '18, Molecular Biology
Colin Bradley, GS2, Philosophy
Kyle Landrum, GS2, Philosophy
Jake Schade, '17, Anthropology
Amina Simon, '18, African-American Studies
Sarah Hammer, GS2, CBE
Brad O'Brien, GS3, MAE
Benjamin Perelmuter, '19
Caitlin Ryan, GS3, Art & Archaeology
Daniel Sturm, '19, Electrical Engineering
Ellen Hunter, GS1, Molecular Biology
Emma Claire Jones, '18, NES
Timothy Chen, GS1, MAE
Mohamed Bahri, GS1, MAE
Gavin Hall, '18, Physics
Erika Davidoff, '17, CBE
Jessica Sarriot, GS1, MPA
Alice Mar-Abe, '18, Politics
Emre Turkoz, GS3, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Akshay Mehra, GS4, Geosciences
Seth Olsen, GS1, Physics
Sarah Marie Bruno, GS1, Physics
EB Saldana, GS1, Anthropology
Samuel Saskin, GS1, Physics
Micah Herskind, '19, Woodrow Wilson
Andrew Nelson, GS1, Plasma Physics
Alice Frederick, '17, Anthropology
Kei Yamaya, '17, Molecular Biology
Tiffany Chen, '17, Economics
Lafayette Matthews, '17, History
Sarah Reeves, '18, GSS
Ian Ochs, GS2, Plasma Physics
Sarah Sakha, '18, Woodrow Wilson School
George Kunkel, '17, Philosophy
Shelley Zhao, '18, COS
Ramzie Fathy, '20, Woodrow Wilson School
Zachariah DeGiulio, '18, CEE/ARC
Ellie Sell, '17, Chemistry
Natalie Plonk, '18, Art & Archeology
Ashley Forte, '18, Sociology
Vivien Bazarko, '17, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Guillermo Martinez Cabalga, '17, Physics
Abby Melick, '17, English
Agastya Parikh, '17, MAE
Nathaniel Cope, '17, MAE
Iden Kalemaj, '18, Mathematics
Jenny Kaufmann, '19, Mathematics
Katherine Lee, '17, ORF
Colleen Heidorn, '20
Jim Wu, GS1, Physics
Lillian Chen, '20, Economics
Myesha Jemison, '18, Spanish and Portuguese
Amy Zhang, '19, Operations Research and Financial Engineering
Nora Niazian, '17, POL
Christina Rice, '17, MAE
Aliya Greenberg, '18, MAE
Laura Ong, '17, Philosophy
Max Bedford, '17, Classics
Michael Hill-Oliva, '20, Molecular Biology
Sofia Hiltner, '17, Psychology
Mashad Arora, '20
Pierre-Yves Taunay, GS3, MAE
Yousef Elzalabany, '20, Politics
Jon Catlin, GS1, History
Charlie Baker, '17, German
Margaret Wright, '17, English
Preeti Iyer, '20, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Alex Wheatley, GS1, WWS
Elijah Kolmes, GS2, Plasma Physics
Jonathan Lu, '18, COS
Katja Luxem, GS2, Geosciences
Andreea Magalie, '18, Mathematics
Katherine Angier, '18, EEB
Dom Cioppa, '17, MOL
Jamal Johnson, GS1, WWS
Saumyashree Ghosh, GS2, History
Andrew Hartnett, '18, WWS
Lori Bin, '17, Economics
Patrick De Oliveira, GS6, History
Ginevra Guzzi, '17, ORFE
Lorenzo Bondioli, GS3, History
Joseph Yates, '17, MAE
Danielle Taylor, '18, CBE
Nicholas Wu, '18, WWS
Theo Keeley-LeClaire, '18, Chemical and biological engineering
Sarah Cho, '18, Art and Archaeology
Catherina Pan, '18, MOL
Katherine Stiefel, '20
Swetha Balachandran, GS1, WWS
Heather Grace, '18, Art & Archaeology
Brandon McGhee, '18, Politics
Kathleen Ma, '18, WWS
Rushy Panchal, '19, Computer Science
Susannah Crowell, '18, MAE
Pulkit Singh, '20, Computer Science
Yao Lai, GS4, MAE
Ben Weiner, GS1, Physics
Haley Chow, '17, ELE
Jana Suriano, '17, GEO
William Atkinson, '18, Geosciences
Patrick Rooney, '17, Art & Archeology
Walker Darling, '18, GEO
Courtney Buoncore, '18, Anthropology
Taylor Kulp-McDowall, '18, Physics
Emily Eyestone, GS2, French & Italian
Biswadip Dey, Post-Doc, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Maggie Menold, GS1, WWS
Soumya Sudhakar, '18, MAE
Matthew Kritz, '18, Philosophy/GHP
Zena Kesselman, '17, History
Aleena Patel, GS2, CBE
Eugene Cho, '17, CBE
Anastasia Korolkova, GS1, POP
Erik Maritz, '17, Spanish & Portuguese
Mikaela Gerwin, '19, History
Aaron Bornstein, Post-Doc, Neuroscience
Michelle Nedashkovskaya, GS1, WWS
Maegan Richards, '18, PSY
Will Rose, '17, Math
Anna Trugman, GS5, AOS
Pellumb Reshidi, GS2, Economics
Ilya Belopolski, GS5, Physics
Ben Goodman, '17, English
Yitz Landes, GS1, Religion
Pranjeet Kalita, GS1, COS
Anders Nielsen, GS3, Economics
Ekaterina Pukhovaia, GS2, Near Eastern Studies
Jordan Starck, GS1, Psychology
Isabella Nappa, '18, Sociology
Hannah Kraus, '17, WWS
Sophie Parker-Rees, '17, English
Daniel S. Sanchez, GS3, Physics
Nadia Diamond, '17, GSS/THR/HIS
Peter Czajka, GS1, Physics
Laura Chang, GS2, Physics
Siddharth Mishra-Sharma, GS4, Physics
Alice Yoon, GS2, Neuroscience
Andrew Seastream, '17, Philosophy
Matteo Ippoliti, GS3, Physics
Chelsea P. Espinosa, '20
Johan A Trovik, GS2, Politics
Mallika Randeria, GS4, Physics
Gabriel Shapiro, GS2, Philosophy
Christina Karas, GS4, Molecular Biology
Mercedes Valmisa, GS6, East Asian Studies
Sophie Moullin, GS4, Sociology, WWS
Chloe Brown, GS1, WWS
Eric Emdee, GS1, Plasma Physics
Valentin Skoutnev, GS1, Plasma Physics
Andrew Seastream, '17, Philosophy
Jack Matteucci, GS3, Plasma Physics
Eugene Evans, GS4, Plasma Physics
Danielle Santiago Ramos, GS4, Geosciences
Kaia Tombak, GS3, EEB
Domenica Romagni, GS5, Philosophy
Cameron Ellis, GS3, Psychology
Peter Butcher, Post-Doc, Psychology
Laura Gray, Post-Doc, Chemical & Biological Engineering
Jingpeng Wu, Post-Doc, Princeton Neuroscience Institute
Justine Atkins, GS2, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Joel Simon, GS4, Geosciences
Anna Meadors, GS1, Music
Alex Quetell, '17, Art & Archaeology / German / Dance / Environmental Studies
Jessica Schwab, GS3, Psychology
Charlotte Martinkus, GS1, Meteorology
Kabir Khanna, GS6, Politics
Jennifer Willemsen, GS2, Environmental Engineering
Anne McCabe, GS6, MOL
Samantha Floyd, GS1, Psychology
Bertilla Sieben, '17, French
Chloe Vettier, GS3, French and Italian
Lian Zhu, GS4, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Hendia Edmund, GS5, Molecular Biology
Kian Mintz-Woo, GS4, WWS/UCHV
Adrianna Loback, GS5, Neuroscience
Leyatt Betre, GS1, WWS
Emma Louden, '20, Astrophysics
Shrishti Asthana, '19, Computer Science
Meredith Mihalopoulos, '18, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Galen Ogg, '18, Sociology
Marni Morse, '17, Politics
Amber Lin, '19, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Allison Simi, GS5, Chemical & Biological Engineering
David Mazumder, '17, Molecular Biology
Debora Darabi, '18, Comparative Literature
Elisabeth Bloom, GS1, French & Italian
Sarah Hirschfield, '20, Philosophy
Anvay Grover, '20
Alexandra Koskosidis, '20, MAE
Aidan O'Donnell, '20, Molecular Biology
Grace Sommers, '20, Physics
Madelyn Broome, '19, Astrophysical Sciences
Amina Sahibousidq, '19, Politics
Owen Ayers, '19, Molecular Biology
Kasparas Spokas, GS3, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Aida Behmard, Post-Bac, Astrophysical Sciences
Mary Heath Manning, '17, French and Italian
Mariachiara Ficarelli, '19, Anthropology
Charles Copeland, '19
Paul Gauthier, Post-Doc, Geosciences
Ryan Edwards, GS5, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Lee Mordechai, GS6, History
Kalyani Monteiro Jayasankar, GS3, Sociology
Natalia Cordova, GS6, Neuroscience
Natalie Tung, '18, English and Teacher Prep
Whitney Sha, '17, Comparative Literature
Eli Kimbell, '20
Noemi Vergopolan, GS2, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Aubrey Paris, GS2, Chemistry
Cleo Chou, Post-Doc, Princeton Environmental Institute
Jennifer Guyton, GS4, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Lachlan Kermode, '18, Computer Science
Denis St-Onge, GS4, PPL
Leah Reisman, GS3, Sociology
Helen Gao, '17, Economics
Florent Ghys, GS3, Music
Julia Jansen, '19, Woodrow Wilson
William Keiser, '19, German
Molly Chaney, GS1, CEE
Jane Smyth, GS1, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Christopher K. Tokita, GS1, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Richard Spiegel, GS3, History of Science
Lucia Rafanelli, GS4, Politics
Shuk Ying Chan, GS2, Politics
Lucia Rafanelli, GS4, Politics
Isi Litke, GS4, Politics
Hannah Waight, GS3, Sociology
Emily Sun, GS1, CEE
Elias Kleinbock, GS2, Comparative Literature
Alexandra Palocz, '19, COS
Perrin Hagge, '20, Geosciences
Quinn Albaugh, GS3, Politics
Harris Doshay, GS3, Politics
Elsa Voytas, GS2, Politics
Carissa Tudor, GS3, Politics
Julie Gerzina, GS1, Geoscience
Kevin Cheng, '17, English
Michael Fuerst, '18, MAE
Alexander Ades, GS3, Politics
David Ribar, GS1, Politics
Elise Piazza, Post-Doc, Neuroscience
Meir Alkon, GS3, Politics and Woodrow Wilson School
Chaya Crowder, GS2, Politics
Markus Spitzer, GS, PNI
Alexandra DeCandia, GS2, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Wenying Liao, GS2, EEB
Annette Trierweiler, Post-Doc, Geosciences
Johan Pansu, Post-Doc, EEB
Cara Brook, GS5, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Jessica Castillo Vardaro, Post-Doc, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Anne Martin, Post-Doc, PNI
Umesh Srinivasan, Post-Doc, WWS
Na Yeon Kim, GS2, Psychology
Kimberly Stachenfeld, GS4, Neuroscience
Munan Gong, GS5, Astrophysics
Rui Xu, GS2, Astrophysics
Adrian Price-Whelan, Post-Doc, Astrophysical sciences
Tri Nguyen, GS5, Electrical Engineering
Marius Cătălin Iordan, Post-Doc, Neuroscience
Joseph bak-coleman, GS3, Ecology and evolutionary biology
Brianna Lacy, GS1, Astrophysics
Amy Hondo, Politics
Karla Kvaternik, Post-Doc, MAE
Yang-Yang Zhou, GS5, Politics
Ben Fifield, GS5, Politics
Manoj Eradath, Post-Doc, PNI
Tamar Novetsky, '17, Astrophysics
Diana Liao, GS4, Neuroscience
Melinda Soares-Furtado, GS3, Astrophysical Science
Patryk Pjanka, GS2, Astrophysical Sciences
Christian Gray, '17, Chemistry
Sebastian Musslick, GS3, Neuroscience
Xiaofang Yang, GS1, Psychology
Average Phan, GS2, Physics
Emily Kraeck, '17, History, GSS
Pranav Rekapalli, '20, Chemistry
Jin-Sung Kim, GS5, Electrical Engineering
Keelan Smithers, '17, Economics
Soraya Morales Nuñez, '18, Politics
Kenji Cataldo, '20, Comp Lit
Tazim Kabir, '19, ORFE
Nabil Shaikh, '17, Politics
Alexandra Loh, '17, Psychology
Eduardo Lima, '17, Philosophy
Robia Amjad, '18, Near Eastern Studies
Christie Jiang, '17, CEEE
Jacob Wheeler, '20, English
Boryana Hadzhiyska, '17, Astrophysics
James Jared, '19, Electrical Engineering
Nancy Wenger, '19, Molecular Biology
Camilla Zecker, '19, ORFE
Maria Rojas, '19, Economics
Michael Rodriguez, '20, MAE
Sirad Hassan, '20, Neuroscience
Radia Soulmani, '19, Computer Science
Ferdose Idris, GS1, Sociology
William Sweeny, '20, Computer Science
Esin Yunusoglu, '19, Philosophy
Lauren Auyeung, '19, Architecture
Hang Huynh, '18, CEE
Amma Prempeh, '19, ANT
Natalia Brokate, '20, Chemistry
Daniel Gift, '17, Physics
Danielle Isakov, '19, Molecular Biology
Jorina Kardhashi, '20, Computer Engineering
Mor Regev, GS, PSY
Ahmed Akhtar, '17, Physics
Megan Tung, '17, English
Ryan Chavez, '19, History
Delaney Thull, '19, Undeclared
Amanda Glatt, '19, Politics
Grace Rehaut, '18, WWS
Olivia Allen, '18, Classics
Catherine Ivanovich, '17, Geosciences
Tlaloc Ayala, '19, Spanish and Portuguese
Camille Liotine, '20, Astrophysical Sciences
Qiana Hunt, Post-Bac, Astrophysical Sciences
Jessica Ji, '18, Computer Science
Enji Kim, '17, Psychology
Natalie Diaz, '19, COS
Ayame Whitfield, '20, Geoscience
Joshua Becker, '19, COS
Fatih Kaleoglu, '20, Mathematics
Andrew Hahm, '17, Mathematics
John Bachek, '20, MAE
Killian Clarke, GS3, Politics
Valerie Wilson, '18, History
Laura Peña, '19, Sociology
Anna Pearson, '18, Anthropology
Will Brown, '20, History
Emmanuel Schaan, GS5, Astrophysical sciences
Greg Umali, '19, Molecular Biology
Angela Radulescu, GS3, Psychology
Matt Błażejewski, '17, East Asian Studies
Mark Scerbo, '18, MAE
Zoë Barnswell, '20, Computer Science
Cassandra Emmons, GS3, Politics
Emily Ho, '18, Physics
Frederik Pedersen, '20, Philosophy
Tashi Treadway, '19, Classics
Hannah Chomiczewski, '20, English
Yao Lu, GS6, Neuroscience
Fiora Elbers-Tibbitts, '18, Spanish and Portuguese
Abhimanyu shah, '18, MAE
Mayank Misra, GS2, WWS
Miranda Bolef, '18, Politics
Shefali Nayak, '18, COS
Liam Hunt, '19, Mathematics
Maya Buchanan, GS4, Woodrow Wilson School, Science Technology and Environmental Policy
Anna Broome, '18, ELE
Maya Aronoff, '19, Woodrow Wilson School
Thomas Pumir, GS3, Operations Research and Financial Engineering
Katherine Denner, '18, MAE
Jonah Herzog-Arbeitman, '19, Physics
Sarah Budischak, Post-Doc, EEB
Ahmed El Hady, Post-Doc, PNI
Selina Pi, '19, ORFE
Emily Chen, '17, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Isabella Grabski, '18, CBE
Feyisola Soetan, '19, Anthropology
Anna Zhukovskaya, GS1, Princeton Neuroscience Institute
Nivedita Rangarajan, GS1, Neuroscience
Zoe Sims, '17, EEB
Gabriela Pitten, '19, WWS
Christine Constantinople, Post-Doc, Neuroscience
Benjamin Scott, Post-Doc, PNI and Molecular Biology
Ben Eisner, '17, COS
Seth Lovelace, '20, Mathematics
Norbert Cruz-Lebron, GS1, Neuroscience
Matt Grobis, GS4, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Matthew Oakland, '20, African-American Studies
Sara Krolewski, '18, English
Eden Consenstein, GS2, Religion
Nora Schultz, '19, Politics
Niranjani Prasad, GS2, Computer Science
Abraham Chien, GS3, Plasma Physics
William Atkinson, '18, Geosciences
Aamir Zainulabadeen, '18, COS A.B.
Christopher Crawford, GS1, WWS
Nadirah Mansour, GS2, NES
Lucas Pinto, Post-Doc, Princeton Neuroscience Institute
Zarnab Virk, '20, Molecular Biology
Zoya Shoaib, '20, Potential Economics
Peter Jandovitz, GS3, Plasma Physics
Dave Kleinschmidt, Post-Doc, Neuroscience Institute
Francois Laforge, Post-Doc, Chemistry
Denys Bondar, Post-Doc, Chemistry
Benjamin Rubin, Post-Doc, Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics
Judith Mildner, GS1, Psychology
Tala Khanmalek, Post-Doc, American Studies and Gender and Sexuality Studies
Annabelle Tseng, '19, French
Cole Diehl, '19, Religion
Madeleine Le Cesne, '19
Granton Jindal, GS5, CBE
Adrian Bondy, Post-Doc, Princeton Neuroscience Institute
Alice Wang, '19, Psychology
Alexandra Libby, GS3, Neuroscience
Rebecca Weng, '18, Sociology
Julie Newman, '18, Neuroscience
Rebecca Ngu, '20
Deepen Garg, GS1, Plasma Physics
Abigail Hack, '20, Chemistry
Aleesha Ye, '20, Economics
Sirad Hassan, '20, Neuroscience
Brigid Ehrmantraut, '18, Classics
Isabella Litke, GS4, Politics
Megan McSherry, Post-Doc, EEB
Christin Monroe, GS6, Chemistry
Alex Cevallos, GS3, Chemistry
Nicole Taylor, GS4, CBE
Nicholas Chen, '20
Daniel Tavana, GS3, Politics
David Dunning, GS3, History of Science
Lili Cai, GS3, Neuroscience
Amit Halevi, GS2, PACM
Ariana Myers, GS3, History
Andrew Tilman, GS5, EEB
Grace Tien, GS3, Sociology
Edward Young, GS6, Physics
Kelvin Mei, GS3, Physics
Maddie Offstein, '19, EEB
Daniela Gandorfer, German
Irma Qavolli, '20
Anieke van Leeuwen, Post-Doc, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Hongxuan Zhu, GS2, Plasma Physics
Florencia Pierri, GS6, History of Science
Jia Liu, Post-Doc, Astrophysical Sciences
Julianne Whittaker, GS2, Woodrow Wilson School
Pallavi Podapati, GS1, History of Science
Elaine Ayers, GS4, History of Science
Stephanie Jeong, '17, CHM
Andrijana Bilbija, '20
Claudia Yau, GS1, Philosophy
Maya Rosen, '17, Independent Concentrator
Jade Park, '17, English
Rimsha Malik, '20, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Amanda Savagian, GS1, EEB
Cyril Zhang, GS2, Computer Science
Rachel Herrera, '17, MAE
Alexandra Werth, GS3, ELE
David Kim, '19, Economics
Heather Newman, '19, Mathematics
Diego Negrón-Reichard, '18, WWS
Favour Oribhabor, '20, CEE
Sarah Gady, GS1, MAE
Samuel Keller, '18, Anthropology
Saad Imran, GS2, CHM
Mitchell A. Nahmias, GS5, Electrical Engineering
Joseph van der List, GS1, Physics
Eric Xu, '17, CBE
Avaneesh Narla, '17, Physics
Jennifer Soong, GS2, English
Orlando Reade, GS5, English
Megan Eardley, GS3, Architecture
RL Goldberg, GS2, English
Jo Vickery, GS2, Art & Archaeology
Kate Chiu, GS2, Architecture
Annemarie Iker, GS1, Art History and Archaeology
Myles McCaulay, GS3, Architecture
Mostafa Heddaya, GS1, ART
Tom Stanley-Becker, GS1, Woodrow Wilson School
Vinicius Amaral, '17, CEE
George Hagstrom, Post-Doc, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Veronica Sousa, GS1, Anthropology
Felice Physioc, GS2, History
Malavika Rajeev, GS2, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Megan Bartlett, Post-Doc, EEB
Rebecca Kartzinel, Post-Doc, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Curt Gambetta, GS3, Architecture
Nicolas Van Oostende, Post-Doc, Department of Geosciences
Juan Rocha, Post-Doc, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Hugh Wilson, GS2, LSI
Bulut Cakmak, '19, ORFE
Mira Gill, '19, Spanish
Sebastian Quiroz, '20, Politics
Uno Vaaland, GS2, PACM
Anam Vadgama, '18, POL
Matthew Nicholas, '19, Electrical Engineering
Corry Short, '19, Economics
Tajin Rogers, '20, WWS
Caroline Gottlieb, '19, Linguistics
Louisa Molson, '19, Art History
Vivian Ufongene, '20, Molecular Biology
Max Greenwald, '17, COS
Andreas Dias, '17, Computer Science
Claire Denton-Spalding, GS, Woodrow Wilson School
Mariana Medrano, '17, Architecture
Luis Guerra, GS5, Chemistry
Matteo Detto, Post-Doc, EBB
Isabelle Ingato, '17, Computer Science
Trevor Nesse, '18, History
Christiana Esowhode, '20, Neuro
Susannah Shoemaker, GS2, Applied and Computational Math
Annie Lu, '17, Woodrow Wilson
Yundi Jiang, GS2, CBE
Jeffrey Young, GS2, CBE
Joshua Becker, '19, Computer Science
Greg Davies, GS5, MAE
Abhi Raj, GS2, ELE
Sarah Pacilio, '19, Politics
katie kubala, '18, POL
Matthew Ramirez, '19, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Tara Suri, GS1, History
Tatum Turetzky, '20, Politics
Shea Minter, '19, Politics
Andreas Strasser, GS2, German
Candela Potente, GS2, Comparative Literature
Oliver Baars, Post-Doc, Geosciences
Claudia Frey, Post-Doc, Geosciences
Mark-Avery Tamakloe, '18, Molecular Biology
Kimberly Hassel, GS1, East Asian Studies
Esther Maddox, '17, WWS
Yunah Kim, '20, Molecular Biology
Laura Makin, '20, Biology
Liana Cohen, '20, English
Brandy Briones, GS3, Psychology
Wendy Zhao, '19
Queenie Luo, '19, ORFE
Sara Anjum, '19, Physics
Katie Schneer, '20, Woodrow Wilson School
David Ting, '17, HIS
Nathan Ledbetter, GS1, East Asian Studies
Alex Cavoli, '20, Geosciences
Jahdziah St. Julien, '18, History
Tania Bore, '20, Economics
Vito Giovanni Lucivero, Post-Doc, Physics
Damien Capelle, GS3, Economics
Teresa Rufin, '17, Psychology
Thomas Schaffner, GS1, Computer Science
Selah Hampton, '18, Chemistry
Moein Malekakhlagh, GS5, Electrical Engineering
David Walsh, GS3, History
Julia Casazza, '19
Maryam Bahrani, '19, COS
Noah Rose, Post-Doc, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Allie Spensley, '20
Lauren Wodarski, '17, Politics
Manny Ramirez, '20, Woodrow Wilson School
Joshua Faires, '19, Computer Science
Soyeong Park, '20
Ben Yap, '20, ORFE
Jared Lockwood, '19, Chemistry
Diego Fierros, '19, Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas Turner, GS3, Computer Science
Lillian Wilkins, '19, Mol Bio
Grace Lynch, '18, MAE
Abigail Scott
Jacob Tyles, '19, Astrophysics
Kiley Coates, '20
Samvitha Ram, '17, WWS
Rachel Xu, '17, COS
Mackenzie Blanz, '19
Jennifer Bu, '17, PSY
Lena Dubitsky, '18, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Joy Chen, '18, Comparative Literature
Dyonishia Nieves, '17, EEB
Tea Wimer '19, '19, Anthropology
Kristina Solorio, GS1, Molecular Biology
Sherry Bai, '19, Computer Science
Krupa Jani, GS3, Molecular Biology
Sarah Kim, '17, Comparative Literature
Michelle Baird, '20, Physics
Janet Lee, '20, Economics
Dominic Saunders, '20, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Tomi Lawal, '20
Darcy McRose, GS5, Geosciences
Matthew Shen Goodman, GS1, German
Tyisha Griffiths, '19, Neuroscience
June Philippe, '20, Sociology
Edward Zhang, '19, Chemistry
Emmanuel Udotong, '19, Woodrow Wilson
Mayisha Sultana, '20, Molecular Biology
Martin Gavin, '17, Economics
Dante Kulik, '19
Jordan Thomas, '18, Woodrow Wilson School
Brannon Jones, '17, MAE
Joe McGrath, '20
Siddarth Anand, '19, COS
Jeremy Zullow, '17, WWS
Kayli Marshall, '19, EEB
Robert Decker, GS3, French and Italian
Michael McGovern, GS1, History of Science
Boriana Gjura, '18, Mathematics
Richard Anderson, GS6, History
Madeline Gambino, GS1, Religion
Alexander Berg, GS4, Electrical Engineering
Peter Schmidt, '20
Megan Baumhammer, GS3, History of Science
Grace Helton, Post-Doc, Philosophy/Society of Fellows
Lindsey Hudson, '20
Rahulram Sridhar, GS5, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Charlotte Jeppsen, '18, Psychology
Tess D'Orsi, '20
Maddie Staczek, '20
Lillian Wu, '19, Economics
Teeto Ezeonu, '19, Molecular Biology
Mihaela Curmei, '17, ORFE
Christine Li, '17, COS
Danielle Pintz, '17, COS
Davis Liu, '17, COS
Alexandra Lanzafame, '17, Politics
Trevor Nesse, '18, History
Gabriel Fisher, '17, History
Sicily Kiesel, '19, English
Adelle Dimitui, '19, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Malachi Byrd, '19, African American Studies
Vittoria Comin, '18, Politics Department
Lily Zhang, '18, Psychology
Jeremy Du, '20, Mathematics
Jaclyn Hovsmith, '20, Computer Science
Jordan Colvin, '19, COS
McKayla Tyrrell, '20, Architecture
Noshin Khan, '19, ARC
Emmanuella Kyei Manu, '19
Pranaya Anshu, '19, Econ
Diana Sandoval Siman, '20
Francisco Martinez, '17, WWS
Ishan Levy, '19, Math
Alison Shim, '19, Economics
Asanni YOrk, '17, Public Policy
Alexandra Kersley, '19
Henry Evans, '20
Kelli Calhoun, '20
Ilana Perkins, '20
Kelly Hatfield, '17, English
Ruben Dicker, '20
Charlie Coburn, '19, Econ
Soon il Higashino, '20, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Natasha Turkmani, '17, CEE
Anna Erkalova, '18, ORFE
Alicia Lamb, '17, EAS
maria tokarska, '19, EEB
Casey Chow, '19, COS
Jack Burdick, '19, GEO
Cynthia Gerlein-Safdi, GS5, CEE
Sofia Charania, '17, Woodrow Wilson
Riley DeMoss, '20, Economics
Alexander Dickinson, '19, Sociology
Jamie Mercurio, '20, CS
Jingwen Guo, '19
Megan Chung, '19, Chemistry
Rebekah Ninan, '19, Politics
Gustavo Turiaci, GS5, Physics
Suzhen Jiang, '19, COS
Audrey Shih, '20, CBE
Mary Sauve, '19
JJ Onyeukwu, '19, EEB
Mahishan Gnanaseharan, '20
Marisela Neff, '20, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Thomas W, '18, ORFE
Thomas Tasche, GS2, WWS
JJ Kim, '19
Tamar Willis, '19, Art History
Maya Aronoff, '19, WWU
Ezra Austin
Konadu Amoakuh, '17, Woodrow Wilson
Jeung Park, '20, Philosophy
Aaron Yin, '17, Architecture
Samin Rashidbeigi, GS1, Near Eastern Studies
Jenny Baek, '19, Neuroscience
Naomi Fesseha, '19, Politics
Allice Park, '20, Sociology
Leo Li, '20, Politics
Nathaniel Lambert, '20
Andrew Hunt, '17, Computer Science
Claire Egan, '17, Economics
Ting-Hsuan Chen, GS4, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Hamna Khurram, '20, COS
Stephen Bork, '18, Woodrow Wilson School
Alana Clark, '19, Politics
Adeniji Ogunlana, '19, Electrical Engineering
Amy Zhang, '19, ORFE
Chris Chu, '19, CEE
Nazifa Chowdhury, '20, English
Sarah Spergel, '19, History
Marissa Webber, '18, CEE
Michelle Min, '20, Comp Lit
Nathan Lam, '17, Computer science
Ashley Barnes, '19, Mechanical and aerospace engineering
Rohan Doshi, '18, COS
Emily Kunkel, '19, Anthropology
Mark Vardy, Post-Doc, Princeton Environmental Institute
Annan Timon, '19
Yasmin AlKhowaiter, '20, WWS
Pragya Malik, '19, Politics
Jaewon Kim, '18, Philosophy
Stephanie Ohagi, '19, Molecular Biology
Tasnuva Orchi, '19, Economics
Tylor Johnson, '19, Woodrow Wilson School
Shefali Jain, '17, Economics
Christopher Russo, '20, Physics
Casey Kemper, '20, Architecture
Abe Joshua, '20, Chemistry
Joshua Latham, '20
Emily Kamen, '17, Art History
Cande Duran, '18, English
Annabel, '20, MOL
Michelle Yeh, '19, Comparative Literature
Chen Arden Xie, '19
Cathleen Kong, '20, MAE
Rafael Tafur, '20, Politics
Jonsthan Haynes, '20, Politics
Josephine Pinnock, '19
Broooke Hammarskjold, '19, Art history
Henry Martin, '19, Politics
Annick La-Banxhe, '20, Molecular Biology
Kimia Shahi, GS3, Art & Archaeology
Annie Zou, '20, Computer Science
Joseph Lee, '17, ORFE
Zach Weed, '17, COS
Julia Ni, '18, ORFE
Lydia Zhong, '20
Tony Chen, '20, ORFE
Sara Howell, '20, Molecular Biology
Tamia Goodman, '19, Economics
Sassan Hajirezaie, GS1, CEE
Tess Jacobson, '19, Physics
Rani Jaiswal, '18, COS
Jason Xu, '20, ORFE
Karen Zhang, '19, EEB
Dylan Blau Edelstein, '17, Spanish and Portuguese
Matthew Goodwin, '19, Economics
Benjamin Huang, '20, CBE
Alice Lin, '20, Math
Paulita, '18, Neuro
Melany Ruiz, GS5, CEE
Janice Sung, '17, Art & Archaeology
Katherine Powell, '20, Comparative Literature
Karina Aguilar Guerrero, '20
Melissa Verhey, GS5, French & Italian
Kelly Huang, GS1, MAE
Rachel Inman, '20
Carey Camel, '17, Sociology
Jackson Salter, '17, Woodrow Wilson School
Elliott Eglash, '17, English
Kelly McCabe, '18, Spanish and Portuguese
Louisa Willis, '17, Art & Archaeology
Matt Chang, '19, History
Steffen Seitz, '17, Philosophy
Camille Rullan, '17, Physics
Owen Smitherman, '17, Politics
Peter Deffebach, '17, Economics
Justin Vogel, '17, Near Eastern Studies
Sarah Prieto, '19, Politics
Cheryne, '17, Physics
Ghita Guessous, '17, Physics
Lara Norgaard, '17, Comparative Literature
Nicholas Horvath, '17, History
Peter Gatto, '18, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Margot Yale, '17, Art & Archaeology
Fernanda Sobrino, GS3, Economics
Charly Porcher, GS3, Economics
Siddhartha Jena, GS1, Molecular Biology
Andrew Ma, '19, Physics
Evan Scott, GS5, MAE
Joel Tamayo, GS5, Molecular Biology
Shun Yamaya, '19
Abigail Spare, '20, English
Lydia Watt, '18, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Martha Jachimski, '17, WWS
Jacob Wachspress, '20, Mathematics
Sonia Murthy, '20
Sadiki Wiltshire, '17, Physics/East Asian Studies
Emily Knott, '17, English
Brigitte Lamarche, '18, Computer Science
Camila Novo-Viano, '18, Woodrow Wilson School
Brian McSwiggen, '18, COS
Angelica Vielma, '18, Art and Archaeology
Marah Sakkal, '20, Pre-Med/Geosciences
Rohana Chase, '19, English
Jessica Wright, '19, WWS
Sophie Steinman-Gordon, '20, Politics
Mckenna Brownell, '20
Sophia Nuñez, GS4, Spanish and Portuguese
Nicolas Trad, '17, WWS
Salwa Ahmad, '17, WWS
Alexander Fager, '19, WWS
Mochi Liu, GS3, QCB
Sagar Setru, GS3, QCB
Cara Mattaliano, '17, History
Madeleine Dietrich, '20, WWS
Rui De Oliveira, '20, MAE
Evie Elson, '19, History/Politics
Christopher Shin, '18, Woodrow Wilson School
Sebastian Witherspoon, German, '19
Nicky Steidel, '18, African American Studies
Rachel Schwartz, '18, Art and Archeology/Dance
Rebecca Bedell, '17, English
Joseph Yannielli, Post-Doc, Humanities Council
Adrian Tasistro-Hart, '17, Geosciences
Grace Miles, '19, Computer Science
Christine Ostrowski, GS3, Economics
Xin Xiang, GS4, Physics
Jose Ferreira, GS4, Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics
Cassidy Yang, GS1, QCB
Benjamin Diamond, '19
Ariel Gewirtz, GS2, QCB
Dhruv Bansal, '17, ORFE
Hannah Tandy, '18, Geosciences
Nicholas Lutsko, GS5, AOS
Yuzhen Yan, GS4, Geosciences
Zachary Liu, GS4, Molecular Biology
Patrick Signoret, GS3, Politics
Isabel Morris, GS2, CEE
Avanthi Cole, '18, African American Studies
Leslie Ribovich, GS6, Religion
Alissa Lopez Serfozo, '18, Architecture
Jessica Cooper, GS5, Anthropology
Raphael Krut-Landau, Philosophy
Adjoa Mante, '17, Spanish
Joppan George, GS6, History
Paige Kunkle, '18, Physics
Isabela Morales, GS5, History
Rachel Dubin, '17, History
Ksenia Bulycheva, GS3, Physics
Jonathan Henry, GS3, Religion
Miri Kim, Art & Archaeology
Kalea Power, '17, Slavic
Lena Skalaban, GS1, Psychology
Daniel Healey, GS4, Art and Archaeology
Mingbo Cai, Post-Doc, PNI
Kaz Uyehara, GS4, EEB
Sammy Floyd, GS1, Psychology
Aleksandar Kostić, GS1, Anthropology
Amy Winter, Post-Doc, EEB
Taylor Zajicek, GS1, History
Ryan Edwards, GS5, CEE
Elaine Ayers, GS4, History of Science
Evelyn Karis, '19, SPA
Grace Jeon, '17, WWS
Lena Barrett, GS1, Chemical & Biological Engineering
Vito Giovanni Lucivero, Post-Doc, Physics
Parijat Chakrabarti, GS2, Sociology
Adam Cellon, '17, Electrical Engineering
Sebastian Geschwind, Woodrow Wilson School
Kathleen Emerson, GS4, Math
Brillian Bao, '20, WWS
Nina Gnedin, GS2, Finance
Monica Huerta, Post-Doc, Princeton Society of Fellows
Emma Coley, '20, Religion
Miranda Alperstein, '17, Philosophy
Lisa Hirschmann, GS7, Spanish and Portuguese
Tasha Brown, '18, Economics
Hannah Yohalem, GS5, Art and Archaeology
Ruo Jia, GS1, Architecture
Emilce Santana, GS4, Sociology and OPR
Jedy Lau, GS3, Architecture
Elizabeth Nugent, GS6, Politics
Nancy Lu, GS1, CBE
Betty Huang, '18, COS
Juliet Wolf, GS1, Architecture
Alexander Lin, '18, Comparative Literature
Heath Pearson, GS4, Anthropology, African American Studies
Annie Edmundson, GS4, COS
Justinas Mickus, '18, Politics
Henry Mattingly, GS5, CBE
Michael Faciejew, GS4, Architecture
David Bowman, '19, WWS
Stacey Park, '17, Psychology
Jeffrey Kuan, '18, Mathematics
Dominique Fahmy, '17, Art & Archaeology
Amy Krauss, Post-Doc, Global Health Program
Matthew Vollgraff, GS6, German
Bethlee Lindor, '18, Astrophysical Sciences
Nimra Nadeem, '20, Physics
Preeta Acharya, '20, Neuroscience
Tolulope Adetayo, Science
Micah Fletcher, GS1, Quantitative and Computational Biology
Julie Merkle, Post-Doc, Molecular Biology
Maggie Lau, Post-Doc, Geosciences
Ellina Woodgate, '20, Woodrow Wilson
Mikaela Bankston, '18, Molecular Biology
Matthew King, GS4, Mol Bio
Cathy Chen, '18, COS
Shamay Agaron, '19, Neuroscience
Kris Pardo, GS3, Astrophysical Sciences
Sajal Tiwary, '17, Molecular biology
Tiffany Huang, '17, MOL
Ines Franch, '18, COS
Ben Taylor, '19, Physics
Karan Singh, GS2, Computer Science
Amelia Kenna, '19
Felix Rietmann, GS5, History
Rachel Stone, '17, English
Blake Lawson, '17, COS
Sergio Venegas Marin, GS1, WWS
Ladi Williams, GS1, WWS
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