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March 6th Day of Action Teach-In Suggestions
Please fill out the form below letting us know if you have a suggested topic for a Teach-In as well as if you are interested in  facilitating a teach-in.  Thank you again for your input, and for those who are willing to volunteer their time and expertise in facilitating sessions.

Below are a number of the suggested topics so far!

- Racial Capitalism -- Real estate, white supremacy
- Gender -- Toxic masculinity, LGBT, sexual violence, transphobia
- Immigration and Islamophobia
- Climate Crisis and Environmental Justice -- Indigeneity, land rights, environmental racism [water in Flint, Standing Rock]
- The Carceral State -- Mass incarceration, immigrant detention, voter suppression, militarization of the police,
hyperincarceration of trans women
- Fascism -- Media; rule of law; spectacle and performance; fake news; dissent and suppression; facts and truth
- University -- Disability; histories of dissent
- Rethinking War -- There and here

- Climate Change & Governance: Science, Policy and Environmental Justice; the undoing of climate agreements.
- A History of Scientific Activism; Scientists in the Policy Arena; Responsibility of Scientists;
- Nuclear weapons and democracy: Nuclear War and Nuclear Winter; Arsenals Modernization; democratic choices.
- Back doors and mass surveillance: The End of your Privacy?
- Nationalism and Science:  International Networks & Solidarity; The fate of big international projects/collaborations
- Economics of divisions and inequalities
- Automation, Artificial Intelligence and the future of the American worker
- War on Art, Arts at War
- Immigration, deportation, and the future of citizenship
- Alternative facts and realities in the Political discourse; Accountability for political lies; Free speech and Hate speech
- Walls & Science: under representation and inclusion of populations in science (women, people of color etc);
- Women’s bodies, Women’s choices and the government
- The new international order: the loss of relevance of the nation state and the rise of municipal identities
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