Schedule of Events – March 6, Frist Campus Center

The March 6 Day of Action is inspired by a similar call to action at MIT on March 4, 1969, which asked for scientists to examine the wisdom of creating arsenals of vast destruction, and the role that scientists played in bringing them about. Unlike in 1969, today our call is directed at all members of the Princeton community, and we ask what role our university has in fostering a civically engaged and empowered community—so that we may effectively leverage the knowledge, dialogue, and diversity of experience we have on campus in a reaffirmed commitment to serve society and the common good.

MIT students and faculty are calling for a Day of Engagement and Action on April 18, following ours.


Princeton Citizen Scientists is a group of Science, Engineering and Social Science Graduate Students who have organized.  We seek to better understand the situation that we all expect to face in the coming few years and what actions we can take as the Princeton community to protect the ideals of equality, justice, compassion and fact-based public policies.

Formed in opposition to national and local campaigns infringing upon basic human rights and dignity, Princeton Advocates for Justice is an intersectional coalition of over 25 student groups from diverse backgrounds.


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Mission, Vision, Values

The Mission for this day is simple. We aim to create a space and time where the Princeton University community can come together, have open and honest discussions, and launch ideas into reality. Institutions are shaped by those who participate in them; our mission is to empower the Princeton community by increasing our participation in local and public sector organizations.

This day is organized by the Princeton Citizen Scientists but endeavors to encompass the entire Princeton University community including all students, staff, professors, and administration.

The Vision for this day is to foster fact-driven discussions among participants about issues that affect us all, and to equip the Princeton community with the tools to take civic action. We intend for this day to be a beginning, not an end.

Our number one Values are inclusion and respect. These are absolutely necessary for constructive dialogue and action. These values are in keeping with the goals and purpose of a liberal arts education.